My Body My Rights


Through the Manifesto ‘My Body, My Rights! », published the 12th of October, 2018 in Le Nouvel Observateur, we, 343 European Women, call for equal sexual and reproductive rights for all women in Europe. Join us and sign the manifesto!

Sexual and reproductive rights for all women in Europe

We, 343 European women, stand for a Europe of women’s rights and self-determination. We pay tribute to the 343 women who published a manifesto in France in Le Nouvel Observateur in 1971 calling for women’s sexual and reproductive rights by demanding legal abortions.

We do the same today, because Europe experiences a backlash on women’s rights: Achievements on sexual and reproductive rights since the 1970s are under threat again. We thus call upon all European governments and the European Commission to establish and guarantee conditions that protect and advance women’s rights and self-determination.

Despite recent achievements, such as the abolishment of the abortion ban in Ireland, the right for women to choose is threatened across Europe. The Polish government is making repeated attempts to restrict the already limited possibilities for Polish women to terminate a pregnancy. In Malta, abortions are illegal. In Italy, many professionals simply refuse to perform them. These are but a few examples of the backlash on women’s rights, and we remain alert to this attack on women’s self-determination and the attempt to re-establish authoritarian values in the European Union.

The right to self-determination is far from equal across Europe: Some women are allowed to abort legally and in safety thanks to the rights progressively obtained since the 1970s. Others, especially if they cannot travel abroad to get an abortion, are forced to undergo illegal treatment under dangerous conditions, risking their health and lives. This inequality is unacceptable, as is the silence surrounding the denial of fundamental rights to women within the European Union.

Today, as we honour the ‘Manifesto of the 343’, which called for the right to abortion in France in 1971, we demand the same rights for all women in Europe. If we do not act now and commonly defend our rights and values, regressive legislation could take us back to times when the first manifesto was drafted. But we refuse to leave the ground to reactionary forces, to whom the renunciation of women’s socio-economic rights is a simple way out in a time of complex globalization.

European integration has brought peace, improved living conditions for a large number of citizens, and the extension of democracy and the rule of law. We believe that now is the time to step up for equal rights for all women. Women in Europe must have the same fundamental sexual and reproductive rights, the right to choose, as well as access to health services, contraception and abortion without a conscience clause.

To that end, we call on the EU Member States and the European Commission to provide the political and financial means to ensure women’s access to safe and legal abortions in Europe and beyond, and to strongly condemn regressive and repressive discourses, laws and policies that restrict women’s rights to self-determination.

bouton I sign

The 343 signatories:

Selma Acuner, Women’s Coalition Turkey, Turkey
Gesine Agena, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Esohe Aghatise, Associazione IROKO Onlus
Kat Aitken, United Kingdom
Marine Al Dahdah, CNRS, France
Francesca Allen, United Kingdom
Gill Allwood, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
Jenny Andersson, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Maria Arena, Parlement européen, Belgium
María Palomares Arenas Cabral, Calala Women’s Fund, Spain
Helena Argerich, Greens/EFA au Parlement européen, Belgium
Estefanía Arias, PODEMOS FUENLABRADA, Spain
Fatima Arranz, UCM
Laura Arroyo, Podemos, Spain
Sybil Ashton, , United Kingdom
Berivan Aslan, Austrian Green Party, Austria
Asociación de Clínicas Acreditadas para la IVE, Spain
Michelle Auzanneau, Paris Descartes, France
Ivana Bacik, Labour Party
Annelise Badinand, Germany
Marina Barbalata, Romania
Polly Barklem, London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, United Kingdom
Anne Barre, WECF, Germany
Rita Barros, APF – Associação para o Planeamento da Família, Portugal
Sarah Bedson, European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, Belgium
Ana Maria Bejar, IPPF, United Kingdom
Amparo Bella, Podemos Aragon, Spain
Natalie Bennett, Green Party of England and Wales (former leader), United Kingdom
Fatima Benomar, Les effronté-es, France
Marge Berer, International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, United Kingdom
Clara Berglund, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Hélène Bidard, Adjointe à la maire de Paris, co-responsable nationale féminisme et droits des femmes du PCF, France
Sophie Binet, CGT, France
Lara Blas, Podemos
Christina Boateng, International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, United Kingdom
Maria Bondarenko, European Network of Migrant Women, Germany
Hannah Bondi, European Network of Migrant Women, United Kingdom
Rada Borić, New Left Party, Croatia
Aline Bory, France
Maria Ludovica Bottarelli Tranquilli-Leali, Italian Coordination of The European Women’s Lobby, Italy
Anaïs Bourdet, Paye ta shnek, France
Beatrice Brignone, Possibile, Italy
Carmen Brunner, Germany
Antonella Buja, City of Modena, Italy
Theodora Cadbury, Xenia, United Kingdom
Sharon Cameron, FIAPAC, United Kingdom
Anaïs Camus, Ecolo, Belgium
Elisabetta Canitano, vitadidonna, Italy
Philomena Canning, Midwives for Choice, Ireland
Hanna Carlsson, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Mara Carvalho, APF, Portugal
Rute Castela, PpDM, Portugal
Cristina Castillo, Podemos, Spain
Malcy Cathelineau, Les Jeunes Ecologistes, France
Fanny Cavalli, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Siobhán Cawley, Social Democrats, Ireland
Roz Chan, , United Kingdom
Mara Clarke, Abortion Support Network, United Kingdom
Bethan Cobley, Marie Stopes International,
Filomena Coelho, Portugal
Teresa Coelho, Portugal
Marina Cognée, EPF, Belgium
Laurence Cohen, Parti Communiste Français,
Amy Colgan, DCU Feminist Society, Ireland
Cristina Cominacini, Le Fate Onlus, Italy
Maria Constantinou, Cyprus
Francesca Cook, United Kingdom
Marije Cornelissen, UN Women the Netherlands, Netherlands
Mónica Costa, Portugal
Rita Cunha, Portugal
Madeline Da Silva, Le Groupe F, France
Sodfa Daaji, Afrika Youth Movement, Italy
Ros Davies, United Kingdom
Anne de Bethencourt, Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental, France
Maëlle De Brouwer, Selflovegang, Belgium
Caroline De Haas, France
Magda De Meyer, Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad, Belgium
Marta De Santos, Podemos, Spain
Petra De Sutter, Groen, Belgium
Maria Del vigo, Podemos, Spain
Marine DENIS, Sciences Po, France
Iza Desperak, Manifa Łódź, Poland
Alex Deval, Europe Écologie – Les Verts, France
Tina Divic, Croatia
Anna Donati, Green Italia, Italy
Anna Doyle, South Wicklow Together for Yes, Ireland
Regine Drewniak, Germany
Sónia Duarte Lopes, APF, Portugal
Fanny Dubot, Europe Écologie – Les Verts, France
Sarah Dunne, Labour Youth Ireland, Ireland
Tamara Duricic, Croatia
Mareike Engels, GRÜNE Bürgerschaftsfraktion Hamburg, Germany
Arana Eukene, Podemos Euskadi, Spain
Francesca Falchi, Belgium
Lucia Farinati, PWB, United Kingdom
Rayah Feldman, Maternity Action
Ana Sofia Fernandes, Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, Portugal
Rosa Maria Fernandez, Plataforma catalana de Suport al Lobby europeu de dones, Spain
Susana Fernández García, Red Ecofeminista, Spain
Michèle Ferrand, CNRS, France
Catherine FERRIERE, Le clos bleu B&B, France
Suzana Fish, Andorra
Veronica Forwood, NuJ, United Kingdom
Claudia Fousert-Poeder, FemNet Groenlinks, Netherlands
Monica Frassoni, European Green Party, Belgium
Ann Furedi, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, United Kingdom
Paloma G. Villa, Podemos, Spain
Tine Gammeltoft, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Mar Garcia, European Green Party, Spain
Concepción García Altares, Podemos, Spain
Dina Garzón Pacheco, Red Ecofeminista, Spain
Bojana Genov, Women’s Network Croatia,
Esther Gombin, France
Serafin Gonzalez Motos, Personal, United Kingdom
Tania González Peñas, Parlement européen, Spain
Catherine Gourbin, University of louvain, Belgium
Catríona Graham, European Women’s Lobby, Ireland
Maria Blanca Grimal, Podemos, Spain
Luciana Grosu, Women Deliver Alumni, Romania
Malpuri Groth, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Agnes Guillaume, IRD, France
Iris Gundacker, Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres, Portugal
Lova Gustafson, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Bahar Haghani, the greens, Germany
Sadia Hameed, Critical Sisters, United Kingdom
Kristina Hänel, Abortion clinic, Germany
Line Hansen, Kvinderådet, Denmark
Sabine Harlos, Frauenraum – fachberatungs- und Interventionsstelle bei häuslicher, Germany
Sara Hassan, Greens Austria/ period brussels, Belgium
Afërdita Haxhijaha Imeri, Macedonian Women Lobby, Macedonia
Sirpa Hertell, Green Women´s Association, Finland
Maria Heubuch, Parlement européen, Germany
Sophia Hoffmann, Germany
Lesley Hoggart, The Open University, United Kingdom
Goretti Horgan, Alliance for Choice, Derry, Ireland
Tanja Ignjatovic, Autonomous Women’s Center, Serbia
Efthymia Ioannidou, Greek Coordination for the EWL, Greece
Laura J. Bolé, European Alliance to Save Energy, Spain
Elżbieta Jachlewska, Inicjatywa Feministyczna, Poland
Ina Jacobi, Grüne, Germany
Carmen Jaffke, Apbcee, Luxembourg
Izabela Janicka, Green Party, Poland
AnnaStina Johansson, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Nicola Jones, United Kingdom
Emmanuelle Josse, Collectif pour une Parentalité féministe (PA.F), France
María Dolores Julià, Spain
Krystyna Kacpura, Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland
Katarzyna Kadziela, Inicjatywa Feministyczna, Poland
Karin Kahlbrandt, Grüne KV Göttingen, Germany
ELENI Karaoli, Socialist’s Womens Movement, Cyprus
Sissi Karnehm-Wolf, Green Party Göttingen, Germany
Ninetta Kazantzis, PCCPWC, Cyprus
Ska Keller, députée européenne, Greens, Germany
Evelyn Kleinert, Germany
Aleksandra Knapik, Gals 4 Gals Lodz / Green Party, Poland
Julia Knoenagel, LAG Frauenpolitik, Grüne Bremen, Germany
Aleksandra Kołeczek, Polish Greens, Poland
Sybren Kooistra, Greens, Belgium
Ioanna Korfiati, Xenia Women, United Kingdom
Nada Kovre, Croatia
Karolina (Carol P.) Krist (Christ), Green Party Greece, Greece
Mirjana Kucer, Women’s network of croatia, Croatia
Elin Kusmin, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Laura Laguna, Red Ecofeminista
Aurore lalucq, Generations, France
Jean Lambert, Députée européenne, United Kingdom
Catherine Lane, National Womens Council of Ireland,
Ricarda Lang, GRÜNE JUGEND, Germany
Daniela Lanzotti, Italy
Ophélie Latil, Georgette Sand, France
Valentina Laurita Longo, Queen margaret university, United Kingdom
Jocelyne Le Boulicaut, Europe Ecologie Les Verts, France
Loraine Leeson, The cSPACE Trust, United Kingdom
Lea Lejeune, France
Erica Levy, United Kingdom
Ljubica Lipanovic, Croatia
Marianna Lipponen, Belgium
Maria Jesús Lleonart, Spain
Mette Løkeland, KVINNEFRONTEN, Norway
Pilar López-Jamar Lázaro, Podemos Feminismos, Spain
Slobodanka Macanovic, Autonomous Women’s Center, Serbia
Ina Machold, Germany
Hamarina Macuanja, Portugal
Laura Malan, Laura Malan, United Kingdom
Sara Malić, Croatia
Nica Mammì, IROKO, Italy
Chloe Manahan, Labour Youth,
Joanna Manganara, International Alliance of Women, Greece
Pascale Maquestiau, Le Monde selon les femmes, Belgium
Marina Marchetti, Belgium
Rosy Martin, United Kingdom
Rosa Martinez, Equo Berdeak, Spain
Amelia Martinez Lobo, ANTICAPITALISTAS,
Adriana Martins, Sweden
Ana Sofia Martins, APF – Associação para o Planeamento da Família,
Daria Marx, Gras Politique, France
Filipa Mateus, APF – Associação para o Planeamento da Família, Portugal
Cláudia Mateus, Portugal
Sigi Maurer, Austrian Green Party,
Joanna Maycock, European Women’s Lobby, Belgium
Salome Mbugua, AkiDwA,
Amanda Merchant, United Kingdom
Irene Meyer-Herbst, Bündnis 90 die Grünen, Germany
Maria Miguel Sierra, La Voix des Femmes
Maja Mihaljevic, Croatia
Belen Milán Pérez, Podemos Cantabria, Spain
Ana Miranda, députée européenne, BNC
Mima Misljenovic, Autonomous women’s center, Serbia
Mirjana Mitic, Autonomous women’s center, Serbia
Pineda lorenzo montserrat, creación positiva, Spain
Maja Morachanin, DOM, Macedonia
Veronique Moreira, WECF France, France
Elisa FRancesca Moretti, DEVCO EC, Belgium
Pauline Mukanza, European Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Irmgard Münch-Weinmann, , Germany
Sinja Münzberg, Grüne Region Hannover, Germany
Rossella MURONI, Italy
Danijela Mustać, Croatia
Johanna Nejedlová, Konset, Czech Republic
Aleksandra Nestorov, Autonomous Women’s Centre, Serbia
Violeta Neubauer, Women’s Lobby of Slovenia, Slovenia
Teresa Nevado Bueno, Lobby Europeo de Mujeres en España, Spain
Leah Ní Riabhaigh, SDLP, Ireland
Patricia Nilsson, United Kingdom
Maria Noichl, députée européenne, Germany
Sinead Nolan, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Ireland
Barbara Nowacka, Inicjatywa Polska, Poland
Natalia Ochoa Gómez, Spain
Camila Ochoa Mendoza, YouAct, Sweden
Annika Ojala, Finnish Green Women’s Association, Finland
Bärbel Okatz, VHS Göttingen Osterode, Germany
Verónica Ordóñez López, Podemos Cantabria, Spain
Jacqui O’Riordan, University College Cork, Ireland
Paula Ortiz, Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres \| PpDM, Portugal
Andrea Osvoll, EPF, Belgium
Pamela Palma Zapata, European Network of migrant Women, Poland
Lefki Panteli, Cyprus Women’s Lobby, Cyprus
Angela Paradiso, European Green Party, Belgium
Lujana Paraman, Građanska akcija Trogir, Croatia
Josefine Paul, Grüne Landtagsfraktion NRW, Germany
Astrid Peter, Germany
Iwona Piątek, Inicjatywa Feministyczna, Poland
Nicole Pibarot, France
Alexandra Pichl, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN, Germany
Emmanuelle Pierre-Marie, France
Montserrat Pineda Lorenzo, Creación Positiva, Spain
Sara Pönniäinen, Swedish Women’s Lobby, Sweden
Jeanne Ponte, Parlement européen, Belgium
Liljana Popovska, Green Party DOM, Macedonia
Dolorès Pourette, IRD, France
Anny Poursinoff, Europe Écologie – Les Verts, France
Marta Prades, Podemos, Spain
Cécile Prudhomme, Europe Écologie – Les Verts, France
Milla Pyykkönen, The Feminist Association Unioni, Finland
Paula Quinteiro, En Marea, Spain
Petra Qvist-Hämäläinen, The Women’s Organisation of the Swedish People’s Party in Finland, Finland
Elise Ramirez, International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, United Kingdom
Alicia Ramos Jordan, Congress, Spain
Julia Reda, Parlement européen, Belgium
Sandra Regol, Europe Écologie – Les Verts, France
Terry Reintke, députée européenne, Greens/EFA, Germany
Liliana Religa, Federation for women and Family Planning, Poland
Christine Revault d’Allonnes-Bonnefoy, députée européenne, France
Maria Ribeiro, Portugal
Emma Ritch, Engender,
Claudia Rodrigues, Associação para o Planeamento da Familia, Portugal
Verónica Rodrigues, Portugal
Rosabel Rodríguez, Plataforma portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres, Portugal
Barbara Romagnan, Génération.s, France
Núria Romero, Dones amb Iniciativa, Spain
Isabel Ros Lopez, United Kingdom
Tiina Rosberg, Green Women´s Association, Finland
Laurence Rossignol, Sénatrice, France
Claudia Roth, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Astrid Rothe-Beinlich, Green Party, Member of the Parliament Thuringia, Germany
Rianne Ruviaro, Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos da Mulher, Portugal
Hélène Ryckmans, Parlement, Belgium
Caroline Saal, Vert Ardent, Belgium
Teresa Saez Barrao Saez Barrao, Andrea, Spain
Réka Sáfrány, Hungarian Women’s Lobby, Hungary
Laure Salmona, Collectif Féministes contre le cyberharcèlement, France
Mafalda Santos, Portugal
Erika Sanz Méliz Sanz, Podemos, Spain
Judith Sargentini, Greens/EFA au Parlement européen, Netherlands
Wendy Savage, United Kingdom
Jamila Schäfer, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen,
Ulle Schauws MdB, BÜNDNIS 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Molly Scott Cato, Parlement européen, United Kingdom
Karmela Šegvić, Croatia
Véronique SEHIER, Le Planning Familial, France
Astrid Selle, Grüne Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Réjane Sénac, France
Anna Sherbany, United Kingdom
Alexandra Silva, Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres (Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights), Portugal
Laura Slimani, Génération.s, France
Roisin Smith, Midwives for Choice, Ireland
Manuela Smolinski, European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development,
Ailbhe Smyth, Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment, Ireland
Charlotte Soulary, France
Beatriz Sousa, Portugal
Viktoria Spielmann, Alternative, Green and Independent Group of Trade Unionists, Austria
Hana Stelzerová, Czech Women´s Lobby, Czech Republic
Miloslawa Stepien, Partia Zieloni, Poland

Sybille Stephan, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Lisa Stewart, Xenia, United Kingdom
Marie Stuart, Mjwstuart,
Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart, Fundacja Strefa Zieleni, Poland
Margaret Sully
Viviane Teitelbaum, Parlement, Belgium
Margarida Teixeira, Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, Portugal
Mathilde Tessier, Europe-Ecologie les Verts, France
Ruby Till, Associazione Iroko Onlus, Italy
Zeljka Tkalcec, Germany
Baroness Jenny Tonge, UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health, United Kingdom
Marie Toussaint, France
Maria Antonia Trillo, PODEMOS GALICIA, Spain
Alba Ubieto Oliván, Spain
Christiane Ugbor, Austrian Women Ring, Austria
Simona Urbaityte, Belgium
Deborah Valencia, Melissa Network of Migrant Women in Greece, Greece
Ana Valenzuela Valenzuela, SIEMPRE vzw, Belgium
Dorotea Valjak, Croatia
Kukkamariia Valtola Sjöberg, Gender equality and diversity committé of Miljöpartiet, Sweden
Rebekka van Roemburg, SheDecides, Netherlands
Monika Vana, Parlement européen, Austria
Concha Vazquez, Forum de Política Feminista de Madrid, Spain
Jeroni Vergeer, FemNet, GroenLinks, Netherlands
Marie Pierre Vieu, Députée européenne PCF GUE, France
Rozière Virignie, Eurodéputée Les Radicaux de Gauche, France
Helene Wallemacq, ECOLO, Belgium
Julie Ward, European Parliament, United Kingdom
Mariel Whelan
Mechtild Wigger, Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, Germany
Grace Wilentz, Ireland
Julia Woller, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Amelia Womack, Green Party of England and Wales, United Kingdom
Pam Wortley, Dwca, United Kingdom
Sinem Yilmaz, European Network of Migrant Women, Belgium
Silvia Zamboni, Italy
Magda Zenon, HAD, Cyprus
Anna Zobnina, European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW)
Emili Zubovic, Croatia
Sarah Zürcher, Switzerland

bouton I sign